About us

“Do more of what makes your soul shine”

Short of living in a plastic bubble, there’s no way to avoid it: you live in a toxic world. And if you’re like most people, living in a metropolitan, urban, or suburban community, you should be especially concerned.

Fortunately, the human body has a strong tendency to move toward health, and we can help it do so. Engaging in a natural detox program can assist the body as it works to clean itself, accumulated toxins, and replace damaged cells. To maximize your detoxification experience, be sure that you use only an all-natural program.

After all, you can’t expect to lighten your body’s toxic burden by adding more chemical pollutants to it! At detoxy5 you meet this growing need and a well program in improved health and wellness.

Detox Expert

In 1996, Dr. Prajwal the Founder of detoxy5 chose the path of AYURVED. He is an accomplished Ayurvedician, pharmaceutical herbalist and nutritionist. He is a highly skilled pulse-reader and specialist of Panchakarma - the deep purification therapies of Ayurveda. Patients from all over come for the detoxification and rejuvenation treatment, under the guidance of Dr. Prajwal. His skills in food preparation and nutrition based on Ayurvedic principles have gained an immense following not only at individual, but also on organization level.

Detox Principle

Due to various metabolic, physiological changes in body and environment, many harmful substances are formed inside the body. These are hazardous toxic. These toxin, are deep routed inside the human body and can affect liver, brain and other organ. They accumulated in body tissue and can cause problem in near future. These toxins are necessary to remove from the body for reframing the body and for normal functioning of body.

Detox Technique

There are 3 detox phases; Preparative, Operative and Curative Phase.

Phase 1 – Most of toxins are lipohils and also the cell membrane of body is mainly lipohils. To remove these toxins, the non toxins materials like medicated clarified butter from cow’s milk and herbalized sesame oil. These can be used internal and external use. These will help reducing or to be specific loosen and dilute toxin, it also clean your body

Phase 2 – This phase actually helps in removing the harmful toxin from the body. The team is highly skilled and well trained doctors. They perform appropriate procedures of purification, even team will fo an extra mile to take care of your body. Even if your body needs special care, team will do that for you.

Phase 3 – Due to continuous cleaning, some of body tissue are tend to become weak. This phase is to enhance the metabolic power of the body. Even, you need to follow proper diet as advice by the doctor, to regain the power. At the end, it will gradually increase the metabolism and ultimate will boost your strength and confidence too.

Detox Centers

Our centers are spreading across. You need to call us and take an appointment for the available location. After examination you will be advised to buy the appropriate detox kit and will be directed to the nearest center to take the treatment .